• Energize Others
    • We are "all in" on the Nomis vision
    • We build constructive working relationships characterized by a high level of acceptance, cooperation, and mutual respect
    • We elevate others, motivate team members, and create an environment that is a cool place to be
  • Butter the Edge
    • We strive for quality and completeness
    • We focus on results more than actions
    • We NEVER just check the box – we go above and beyond
  • Put Customers First
    • We obsess about our customers
    • We measure success and view opportunities, challenges, and solutions from the eyes of the customer
    • We build and maintain customer trust and satisfaction
  • Execute and Deliver on Promises
    • We do what you say you will do (Say/Do ratio = 100%)
    • We have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility
    • We deliver on promises to peers. If we can’t deliver on your promises, we let others know and help to find alternatives
  • Strive for Growth
    • We focus on personal and business growth and development
    • We build for the future by leveraging innovation to tackle big problems
    • We act rather than wait for others and are constantly learning
  • Act like an Owner
    • We identify problems and propose solutions
    • We do what’s right - without compromise
    • We are adaptable / flexible
  • Persevere in the Face of Adversity
    • We appreciate that challenges help us to grow and make us better as a team
    • There are no impossible problems - only challenges needing a solution
    • We never, ever give up
  • One Nomis
    • We are stronger together
    • We are focused on the same goals and strive to accomplish the same mission
    • We celebrate our wins and tackle our challenges!

Nomis Core Values

Employee Engagement, Development, and Inclusion

Here at Nomis Solutions, we focus on both the individual experience and collective genius. We recognize that each unique role within the organization is vital in creating and delivering value to our clients. We want every team member to experience personal and professional growth, so we invest in each individual employee and support their continued evolution and career development.

Nomis Solutions is an equal opportunity employer, and we proudly stand in support of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance in the workplace.


Premium benefits and coverage include medical, dental, vision, and more.


We acknowledge and promote a healthy work environment and balance.

Paid Time Off

Life is busy. Employees are encouraged to enjoy paid and personal time off.


Monthly raffles recognize and award team-mates who go above and beyond.

Profitable Opportunities

Includes bonus opportunities, 401k, and professional training.

Work From Home

Each new hire is eligible for a credit to purchase home office equipment.

Open Positions