Nomis Highlights Retail Banking Growth Solutions as Sapphire Sponsor at CBA Live

Nomis Solutions begins showcasing its leading offer and price optimization solutions today as Sapphire sponsor of CBA Live!, the top US consumer banking conference, which runs today through Wednesday, March 9th at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix, Arizona.

This premier annual event, hosted by the Consumer Banking Association, brings together the leadership of the largest and most prestigious banks in the United States for three days of strategy and discussion on all aspects of consumer or retail banking. 

Nomis Solutions has been a top sponsor of the event for several years and continues the tradition of educating more banking leaders on what has been the secret source of greater profitability for many top banks. Nomis will provide multiple ways for senior leaders to determine if leveraging Big Data and Advanced Analytics systematically in a SaaS-based application is something they are ready to consider to drive growth and profitability.

“Returning greater shareholder value is ultimately the role of most of the attendees at CBA Live,” said Ken Pulverman, CMO Nomis Solutions. “Most banks have very smart analysts and data scientists, but manual approaches to analyzing Big Data are so time-consuming, that there is little time left for strategy and decision-making. We’d like to show banks a different approach that consistently delivers extraordinary results and frees up the best and brightest to make critical growth decisions.”

At CBA Live! Nomis will showcase its Deposit Price Optimization solution and its Home Equity Price Optimization solution. Two nearly full executive dinners will bring approximately 30 bankers together at a time to discuss growth and price optimization on Monday and Tuesday nights. A few invites are still available and registrations can be made by visiting Nomis on the show floor at booth number 15/22. 

At the booth, Nomis will continuously demonstrate both the Deposit and Home Equity Price Optimization solutions and will provide private consultation opportunities for banks considering this approach.

Additionally, Nomis will host two executive roundtables, one during lunch on Monday for banks focused on Deposits and another on Tuesday for breakfast focused on Home Equity. Details are also available at booth 15/22. 

Nomis will also present this year in the Home Equity Track on Wednesday at 9:00 am in the Grand Sonoran E room. Rutger van Faassen, Nomis Vice President of Lending, will lead a discussion entitled “Back to the Future: Home Equity Innovation.”

“As a former banker, I am constantly amazed that banks aren’t insisting on modernizing their approach to offers and prices in Home Equity faster,” said van Faassen. “I’ll be sharing a proven approach that includes price optimization that we have now helped a number of banks realize. This technique delivers found money and profit. My goal will convince additional banks that this isn’t risky, but rather a proven and prudent thing to do.”