Nomis Solutions Enhances Active Market Signal Response With Latest Release

Nomis Solutions today announces the release of Nomis 4.6, the latest version of their feature-rich price optimization suite, which enables banks to utilize actionable insight to react more quickly in today’s dynamic financial services market. The 

4.6 release follows a period of significant investment into performance and scalability that enables customers to respond swiftly to business opportunities and challenges.

The insight gained from the recent Nomis Forum emphasized the increasing pressure banks are under to win and protect market share, grow responsibly, and react quickly. Nomis 4.6 further enables this by equipping banks with the ability to optimize the drivers of profitability and volume across their portfolios at speed and with increased granularity, therefore pricing more effectively, all vital capabilities banks need to master.

For Nomis, the focus is solely on understanding and addressing banking profitability challenges in industry-specific price optimization software. This release adds significant customer value in highly competitive or rising rate environments where speed is essential.

Additional features in Nomis 4.6 include:

  • A new capability called Active Recalibration that dynamically adjusts models, enabling up-to-date and market-informed decisions.
  • A new reporting suite that quickly surfaces actionable insights.
  • Enhanced optimization and Efficient Frontier mechanics that reveal key trade-offs to help make strategic decisions quickly.

Nomis also made significant strides in further enhancing their lending solutions in this release. Below are some of the highlights:

  • The incorporation of home equity loans to round out their widely deployed home equity solution.
  • The integration of third-party data from their solution partner, Icon Advisory Group, into their auto finance solution to understand real-time market movement.
  • Enhanced optimization mechanics for auto finance, including user-specific optimization constraints personalizing a user’s solution experience.

Nomis Solutions CEO Frank Rohde says of the release, “With rising rates in the U.S., and the expectation of rising rates in the leading economies of the global economic recovery, the question still looms: How do banks tackle the challenge of protecting market share from challengers and benefit from rising interest rates while satisfying more customer segments? Those who are ready for this challenge will be the winners.

Our solution allows banks to use data science to decide what action to take in a wide range of market scenarios, only one of which is a rising market. In an often-convoluted landscape of approaches to solving price optimization, the Nomis 4.6 Price Optimization Suite offers a simple and integrated software-based approach for incorporating segment, economic, and regulatory variables into pricing decisions based on cutting-edge science and a deep understanding of banking economics. Our philosophy has always been to educate the market and provide solutions that make robust price optimization a quickly deployable solution for any bank investing in competitive advantage. Nomis 4.6 makes these capabilities even more accessible for banks seeking to achieve rapid and entirely quantifiable bottom-line results.”