Nomis Solutions Expands Deposits Team as Interest in Deposits Price Optimization Grows

Nomis Solutions today announced the addition of Brian Buckingham as VP of US Deposits. Mr. Buckingham brings a wealth of experience in retail banking with a focus on deposits, driving initiatives in product development, pricing, and profitability management. Most recently, Brian served as Director of deposit products for small businesses at MUFG Union Bank, where he drove fee and interest rate pricing policy, new product development, and portfolio management. Prior to MUFG Union Bank, Mr. Buckingham held leadership positions at WaMu (acquired by Chase Bank) in both the consumer deposit product organization, as well as pricing management for home equity products, where he deployed an industry-leading price optimization solution.

“We are growing the deposits team significantly to serve the needs of our deposits customers as banks begin to realize that appropriately pricing all products, including deposits, is the most impactful and sustainable way to improve the bottom line,” said Frank Rohde, Nomis Solutions CEO. “I am delighted that Brian is joining the team to help us broaden the insight we offer our customers. Many leading banks have already deployed the Nomis Price Optimizer™ SaaS price optimization software solution to grow profitability now AND prepare for rising interest rates. We don’t want to see our customers unarmed for a competitive dogfight as rates rise. Brian joins a strong leadership team with broad industry experience to provide, along with our software, the heads-up display required to navigate the new airspace of a rising rate environment.” Nomis Solutions has been serving the banking industry with price optimization solutions since 2002. Nomis was established by Dr. Robert Philips, one of the founders of price optimization. He currently serves as Nomis’ Chief Science Officer and was the founding CEO of Talus (acquired by Manugistics), the company credited for creating the price optimization space. Nomis has helped 30+ large banks realize the profitability benefits of price optimization.

“I am honored to join such an important mission at Nomis,” said Brian Buckingham, the new VP of US Deposits at Nomis. “Banking is one of the world’s most important industries. It survived an existential threat of its own making that understandably included significant consumer backlash. The best banks have already begun the journey to the more customer-centric, winning business models that we have seen re-invent other industries. This customer-centricity includes price optimization, pricing based on consumer needs and behavior. Optimizing prices is simply a better, more customer-friendly, and more profitable way to do business.”