Nomis Solutions Introduces Margin Setter Dashboard, Adjusts Refresh Frequency

Nomis Solutions (Nomis), an industry-leading pricing and profitability management solutions provider, recently introduced several product enhancements to its mortgage technology solution, further enhancing the market intelligence and actionable pricing capabilities available to its mortgage lending clients. Updated data frequency and enhanced coverage further expand users’ view into the granular pricing intel needed to compete more effectively in local markets, and brand-new Margin Setter functionality enables users to better maintain a strategic and competitive market position, despite a constantly shifting landscape.

The newly released, intuitive Margin Setter dashboard enables mortgage lenders to maintain the most strategic market position month-over-month. Utilizing the millions of data pricing points Nomis collects daily, Margin Setter provides users with a visual reference of where and how to adjust margins for their conforming loan products based on their unique performance and benchmarking goals. These actionable recommendations can be easily applied as loan amount and state margin adjustments within the margin management tools of a user’s product and pricing engine (PPE) to ensure they maintain their desired position across all markets.

Nomis also made adjustments to the frequency with which its solution updates daily rate data to more closely align the refresh rate with dynamic market changes. In addition to this enhanced alignment, users now have access to data for another 30 new metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), thus delivering even more granular pricing intel to enable them to compete more effectively on a local market level.

“Our goal is to provide mortgage lenders with actionable and value-backed insights from day one of their integration with us so that they can make smarter, more profitable pricing decisions,” explained Prashant Balepur, senior vice president of product at Nomis Solutions. “With the addition of Margin Setter and the adjustments to our data refresh frequency, our users can now extract even more rate and pricing intelligence, enabling them to further refine their pricing strategies based on local market conditions to achieve their optimal market position goals.”

Nomis’ sophisticated mortgage technology solution provides real-time pricing analytics and competitive intelligence, enabling leading mortgage lenders to identify and quickly act on market opportunities, strengthen customer relationships, optimize internal operations and maximize profitability. With Nomis, mortgage lenders save time and resources, experience an increase in lead-to-application conversion rates, and can more accurately identify and react to profitable opportunities.