Retail Banking Industry Expert, Frank Bria, Joins Nomis Solutions

Nomis Solutions announced today that Frank Bria has joined Nomis Solutions as Vice President and go-to-market leader for a next-generation solution focused on offer presentment and optimization and personalized pricing.

Bria has been working in the retail banking analytics space for over 15 years. He holds an MS in Mathematics from Purdue University. Bria ran the price optimization group at Khimetrics, one of the founding companies of the price optimization space. He then went on to co-found his own price optimization company, Response Analytics. He most recently led the banking practice at Earnix, an insurance-focused price optimization company.

“It is time to bring data-driven personalized offers and pricing to the front lines in banks,” said Bria. “I am a builder by nature and when I saw the direction Nomis was headed, I felt there was an opportunity to make this a ubiquitous approach to price optimization in live and digital interactions. Nomis already leads the industry harnessing big data to better understand customers. We now have the opportunity to bring price optimization to every live customer interaction to offer a further competitive advantage to banks.”

As an analyst of the industry, Bria has been frequently called upon to speak at industry conferences. He is also a noted author with his 2014 book, “Seven Billion Banks: How a Personalized Banking Experience Will Save the Industry.” At Nomis, Bria will extend this thought leadership working with banks to transform experiences at the front lines.

“At Nomis we have a mission to help create a fundamentally better banking industry through our work in offer management, pricing, and discretion management by helping banks understand their customers and their motivations at an entirely different level,” said Frank Rohde, CEO of Nomis Solutions. “Frank Bria is the type of thought leader that banks seek out to transform experiences. He is uniquely qualified to shape our offerings and help banks create more customer-centric processes as we bring our core strengths in optimizing offers and prices to digital banking and the front lines.”

Bria will also play an integral role at the upcoming Banking Growth Forum, where he will connect front-line experiences to the theme of this year’s event, Reinventing the Growth Playbook. He will also be available to sign his book.